Before charging a client for worked hours related to a project, make sure the project status is set to either “In progress” or "Completed"...

...and a Invoice method is selected.

Invoice method options

1- Fixed-fee
Use this method when the client agrees to pay a single fixed fee for fulfillment of the project, no matter how much time is spent on the project.

2- Fixed project rate
This method tracks one hourly rate for the entire project, regardless of who does what.

3- Service rate
The billable amount is calculated from the services' rates. This method lets you associate an hourly rate with project services.

4- Member rate
The billable amount is calculated from the members' rates. This method allows you to enter a different hourly rate for each member.

How to invoice a client for work done within a project?

You can generate an invoice from 2 different ways:

1. When in project Grid view
Select the "Invoice project" option from under the Action menu from the project list :

2. When in project List view
Select the "Invoice project" option from the project More options icon:

The invoice project selection screen

The next step before creating the invoice is to specify what you want to see included on the invoice.

1- If you wish, set a specific start and end date to only invoice worked hours and expenses included in that time range. You will also need to select the information you wish to display on your invoice based on the invoice method you set initially. To partially bill an ongoing project, simply select the period for which you want to issue an invoice by setting the project start and end dates

2- Do you wish to include worked hours on the invoice?

3- Do you wish to include expenses on the invoice?

4- If you did not set the invoice method as "Project fixed-fee", choose from one of the following invoice options:

Single line

All time entries will be merged into one single detail line on the invoice, by project. * When the invoice method is set to "Project fixed-fee", a single line per project will display with the remaining billable amount.


Time entries are grouped based on the selected invoice method, and by project.


Each time entry displays as a single detail line on the invoice.

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