Follow these easy steps to enable Nutcache version control integration with GitHub.

1. From the Project screen, click the integration tab.

2. From the GitHub panel, click the Active/Inactive toggle button to activate the GitHub integration.

3. Nutcache automatically generates the webhook URL and the secret required to complete the integration with GitHub. These values can be changed if needed by clicking the refresh icon next to each field.

4. Open a new tab in your web browser, go to, sign in, and select the Settings option for your repository.

5. Click Add webhook.

6. Complete the form using the URL and secret supplied by Nutcache.

7. Make sure the Content type option is set to application/json.

8. Customize the level of notifications to your needs.

9. Click Add webhook and you are done.

To link GitHub changes to a Nutcache story or stories, use the comment or message section in GitHub as follow:

Enter the character "S" followed by the story number. For example: S314 or s314 to link to Nutcache story 314 and S215, S216 to link to Nutcache stories 215 and 216.

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