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How to import data into Nutcache
How to import data into Nutcache
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You can import client, service and product data from an Excel XLSX file as long as it’s in the correct format. To have access to the import feature, you must have administrator rights, or create a custom security profile including the Organization module.

How does it work?

1. Click the Organization menu and locate the type of data you wish to import, either products, services or clients.

2. Click the Import products button.

3. Download the sample file to use as a reference guide.

4. Click the Show details… link to get a hold on what information is required.

Read the instructions carefully and make sure your import file meets all the requirements.

5. Once your import file is in the correct format, click the Browse XLSX file button to upload your file.

6. Before you commit your import to Nutcache, you can preview the data to import allowing you to make changes to it. Only valid records will be imported into your Nutcache organization.

Invalid records will be identified to help you make the necessary changes.

Duplicate records will be identified as well. You can either update or ignore duplicate records.

7. When ready, click the Import button. Nutcache will create any record automatically if it can't be found in your Nutcache organization. When the import is complete, a summary of the data imported is displayed:

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