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How to prioritize tasks
How to prioritize tasks
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With the priority flags, you have an extra tool to help you manage your projects. It enables the definition of priority levels for a task, which allows a better time management, better communication with your team and a quicker way to assess your priorities.

Set priority levels

Set the priority level of a task picking from low, normal, medium and high.

You can do that from your Workspace, by clicking on the flag under the Priority column and then on the appropriate level.

The Priority column is also present in the Task lists tab or your projects on List view mode.

You may also set the priority of a taks by opening it and clicking on the flag from the task header.

Improve internal communication

The priority of a task may be assessed from the Board view mode of your task lists in the same way as other important pieces of information.

The flags are visible on all the tasks for which you have set the priority level.

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