The My Workspace feature allows each user to view at a glance the tasks that need to be performed. Available from the application's homepage, this feature helps you understand both your and your teammates' workload better.

View by date or by project

You can choose to view your assigned tasks grouped by Project or by Due date.

When a task has a set due date, it displays in the order in which it is due: Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, Later this week and Upcoming. Tasks with no due date will be grouped in the Unplanned section.

The information available

- The task name

- The project name

- The task list name (available with the project view only)

- The labels

- The indicators

The possible actions

- Mark a task as Done

- Change the status of a task

- Assign members - Log a time entry - Set a due date

In order to implement this feature, we had to make a few adjustments to Nutcache’s current behavior.

Change of terminology

Boards that you find within your projects have been replaced by Task lists.

Lists, which currently represent the columns within a board, become Statuses.

Cards, which are found in lists, have been renamed as Tasks.

Tasks that can be created within a card are now Subtasks.

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