You may use the Gantt chart to plan and manage your project. With this tool, you can set project phases, set deadlines, track its progress and adapt more easily.

You can access the Gantt chart within your project under the Gantt tab.

Can’t find the Gantt chart ? Simply add it rom the project tabs, by clicking click on the options menu and selecting Gantt.

Set project phases

From the Gantt chart, you can create task lists to split your project into different phases and detail the work to be done by adding tasks in each phase.

The image below shows how you can create a new task list (1), a new task (2) and open an existing task (3).

Schedule tasks and set deadlines

Set planned start dates and due dates for each task to create a timeline for your project.

In order to add a planned start date or a deadline, double-click on the empty space on the respective column or on the date shown if you want to change a date previously set.

On the right, the Gantt chart shows your tasks placed according to the dates you have set for them.

Track the progress of your project

Keep an eye on your tasks to ensure they are progressing as expected and track the work done.

If you have set an estimate on the time required for a task and have entered worked hours, you will see a progress bar on the task. Hovering over the task will show more information on it: the planned start date and due date, the percentage of the time used, the logged hours, the estimated time and the avatars of the members assigned to the task.

The image below shows the display of the top right corner of the Gant chart. First, you may change the view so you can see what’s going on with your project today and see your project’s timeline on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Second, the options menu allows you to hide completed tasks and export the chart to Excel.

Adjust your project's timeline

You can adjust your timeline when some tasks exceed the estimated time.

You may change the planned start date for a task by clicking and dragging the three dots on the left side of the task.

You may do the same on the right side of the task to change its due date.

If you want to change both planned start date and due date of a task but not change the time interval between these two dates, you may click and drag the whole task horizontally.

Create dependencies

If a task needs to be completed before another may start, you can create dependencies between them.

Click on the circle on the right of a task and drag the cursor to the circle to the left of another task to set the first one as a requirement for the second task.

A gray arrows indicate the dependencies between tasks:

It is possible that a task requires multiple other tasks to be completed or that a single task is a requirement for many others.

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