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How to track time using timers
How to track time using timers
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To easily record the time spent working on a task, simply start a timer. To access the timer management screen, click the timer icon located at the top right of your application.

Starting and stopping a timer

From this popup, you can start/modify/stop a timer. To start a timer, you will need to specify the project the timer will be linked to. Should you need to manage your time entries more precisely, you can also set the task list and task and the service the timer is linked to, if applicable.

Once this information is set, click the timer start button.

TIP - You can also start a timer directly from a task. When the timer stops, the time is recorded against the task and assigned directly to the service and project related to the task.

To stop a timer, click the stop button:

When you stop a timer, the worked time is recorded and the time entry is automatically added to the latest timers accessible from the lower portion of the timer management screen.

In the lower portion of the timer, all time entries are grouped by day with a total time for each day. When several timers are started on the same task on the same day, the timer will display the task total cumulated time.

At any time, you can restart one of these timers by pressing the play icon from the right hand side of the time entry list.

To modify (or delete) a time entry, click on the left portion of the desired time entry from the time entry list.

From the popup screen that displays, you can make the desired changes or delete the time entry.

To change/delete a time entry that is not in the time entry list, refer to the Time Tracking -> Time Entries module.



Only one timer at a time
You can only start one timer at a time. Starting a new timer automatically stops the current timer.

The time limit has been reached
The following icon indicates that the maximum time value allowed has been reached based on the time tracking mode defined in your organization's settings.

In the Start and end time mode, the timer cannot exceed 11:59 PM while in Duration mode, the timer cannot exceed a total of 23 hours and 59 minutes for the same day. When this limit is reached, the timer stops automatically and saves current time.

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