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How to create an expense
How to create an expense
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To record an expense in Nutcache, head to the Expense module and click the +Expense button.

From the expense module, you're able to:

  • create a new expense

  • apply a payment against the expense

  • attach an image of the receipt

  • add comments related to the expense

To create an expense, complete the following fields:

  • Expense number. You can set a specific numbering for the expense (for example: EXP2017-001) and Nutcache will continue the number sequence automatically (this field is required).

  • Expense date (this field is required).

  • Member. From the list, select the member tied to the expense (this field is required).

  • Date due (this field is required).

  • Project. From the list, select the project tied to the expense.

  • Billable. Select this option if you plan to rebill back the expense to your client.

  • Supplier. From the list, select the supplier related to the expense.

  • Category. Choose an appropriate category for the item/service you paid for.

  • Description. Add details about this purchase.

  • Subtotal. Enter the total amount of the Expense (without tax).

  • +Tax. If the expense is taxable, select the applicable sales tax from the list.
    +Manual tax entry. Use this option to enter a sales tax manually.

Once you're done completing all the fields, click the Save button. You will then have access to all the tabs and options.

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