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How to use Nutcache's mobile app
How to use Nutcache's mobile app
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After launching the Nutcache mobile application, you will be greeted by the login screen. To connect, simply use the same login information that you use for the Nutcache web application.

How to start a timer

When opening the application, you will automatically be directed to the timer page. From this page, you can start/stop a timer.

To start a timer, press the play button.

You'll need to specify the project and service the timer will be linked to. Should you need to manage your time entries more precisely, you can also set the task list and task the timer is linked to, if applicable.

Once you have entered this information, press the START action at the top right of the screen.

When you stop a timer, the worked time is recorded and the time entry is automatically added to the latest timers accessible from the lower portion of the timer management screen. All time entries created within the mobile app are automatically synced with the web version of Nutcache.

In the lower portion of the timer, all time entries are grouped by day with a total time for each day. When several timers are started on the same task on the same day, the timer will display the task total cumulated time.

At any time, you can restart one of these timers by pressing the play icon on the right hand side of the time entry.

How to add time manually

The Nutcache time tracking app also lets you enter your working hours manually from the Time entries tab.

To manually add a time entry, click the button at the bottom right of the screen and complete the requested information.

You will need enter your time according to the time tracking mode (duration or start and end times) previously defined in your organization's settings within your Nutcache web application. The list of time entries displayed in this tab is sorted by the timers' creation date.

Changing organization

If you are invited to another organization and want to track and record your work hours in that organization, you can change organizations from within the mobile app.

The main menu of the application gives you access to all organizations you have access to based on your security profile.

To select a new organization, simply press the desired organization.

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