Within Nutcache, make sure your payment gateway configuration uses the same information as in your online payment provider account, including the email address associated with it. If you do not already have an online payment provider, please go to the Integrations option from under the My account menu.

From the Integrations page, click the Manage button from the Payment Methods section.

You can choose one from the most important online payment platforms (Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout and Authorize.Net), with more to be added in the future. Simply click the Create an account button and follow the instructions on screen.

Please note that some of the online payment providers require the information to be in a different language than the one you chose for Nutcache. Once you finished setting up your account and you tested it, simply check the Activated option. Now you’re ready to receive your payments.

Next time you send an invoice, your client will have the option to pay online through the provider you selected.

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