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How to add a discount on an invoice
How to add a discount on an invoice
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Nutcache is flexible in helping you add a discount rate to your invoices and estimates. In fact, you can apply discounts directly on your invoice and Nutcache will adjust the balance of the invoice accordingly.

From the Invoicing main menu, go to the Estimates or Invoices section and select open either the estimate or the invoice to which you want to add a discount.

Once the invoice (or estimate) is displayed, locate the discount box in the upper part of the invoice and enter the percentage of the discount you want to apply; the discount amount will automatically be calculated and displayed below the invoice subtotal.

Or you can apply a discount to a specific Service or product. Just click on the + Service or + Product button and fill in the description field with the name of your discount and add the negative amount of it under the Unit price/Rate column. You can add discount on services and / or products like this:

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