With the Project overview tab, you can assess key information from your project easily. The Overview tab is the first to show up by default in your project and gives you extra tools to help you track the progress of your project.

Track task completion

The Tasks progress panel shows the percentage of tasks that are marked as done.

It also allows you to have a quick glance at how many tasks in your project are overdue or due on the current day.

Track priority assignment

The Tasks by priority shows how many tasks have their priority set. If you hover with the cursor, it will also show the percentage of tasks with each priority.

Keep track of member tasks

The Tasks by assignee panel shows how many tasks have been assigned to each member with assigned tasks in the project. Also, hovering over the name or bar of a member will show the number of tasks that member has been assigned to.

Keep track of your time

The Total time chart shows how much time you have estimated for the tasks in the project and how much time you have already spent. And you go over the estimated time it will turn red!

Spot tasks lagging behind

This grid will appear if you have uncompleted tasks that have exceeded their estimated time and that might require your special attention.

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