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How to use the subtask streamlined view
How to use the subtask streamlined view
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The subtask streamlined view allows you to follow the work of team members more precisely, provided that your tasks are first broken down into subtasks.

Why use the subtask streamlined view?

Because subtasks represent the core of the work to be done, grouping the work by subtask not only clarifies who is working on what, but also allows you to better predict the project's progress.

How to access this feature?

To access the subtask streamlined view, you need to group all of the work to be done by subtask. You can do this by using the Group by drop-down list at the top right of your board.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is available to members with the status of regular member or higher.

How to use the streamlined subtask view?

The headers of each swim lane become your usual tasks after grouping by subtasks, and the small cards beneath each header represent the subtasks of your project. Then, just like any other task, you may move these subtasks across statuses (columns).

NOTE: Tasks without subtasks are grouped at the bottom of the list of subtasks.

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