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How to use the "My time" view to better manage time entries
How to use the "My time" view to better manage time entries
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The My time calendar view allows you to create, edit, delete, move and view your hours worked in no time.

How to access the "My time" calendar view?

The My time calendar view is accessible from the Time tracking module.

Each member has their own My time calendar view. To get an overview of his team's hours worked, the project manager should instead use the Time entries tab of the Time tracking module.

Who can use this feature?

Members with the status of regular member and above can use this feature.

How to use the "My time" calendar view?

To begin, the calendar view is divided into two sections:

In the upper section, we find the time entries created in duration mode (1) while the lower area groups the time entries created in time interval mode (2).

Moving time entries from one part to another is obviously impossible. The way time entries are managed (duration or time interval) is set in your organization's settings.

How to create a time entry?

Simply click inside the desired day to add a new time entry. The screen for inputting a new time entry will display automatically. All you have to do is enter the necessary information.

For a quick way to add time, simply click inside the selected day and then click the Save button on the input screen to create a time entry even faster. Then all you have to do is drag the time entry to match your hours worked and/or shift the time entry to the correct day.



The behavior of the calendar view is very similar to the behavior of Google Calendar.


How to modify or delete a time entry

A time entry created in the calendar can be easily modified or deleted. Simply click on the time entry to view its details and select the desired option.

Total number of hours worked in a week

The total number of hours worked during the week is displayed at the top of the calendar. By clicking on the number of hours, you can also see the number of billable hours for the week.

The number of hours is displayed according to a specific color code.

Yellow: hours have been submitted for approval.

Red: the transmitted hours have been rejected.

Green: the hours transmitted have been approved.

Making 2-day time entries

When you create a time entry that overlaps 2 days (such as from 22:00 to 06:00), a small arrow will be added as a visual marker to indicate that the time entry continues on the next day:

The "My time" grid view

For those who prefer to display their time entries as a grid, the My time feature also allows you to do so. Simply change the view using the drop-down list at the top left of the calendar:

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