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How to manage your teams in Nutcache
How to manage your teams in Nutcache
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Our team management section helps maximize resources with updated, more user-friendly and functional tools. From now on, you can assign a complete team to a project in just a few clicks or assess the workload of each of your teams in one place.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is available to members with the status of project manager or higher.

How to create a team

First, you must log into your Nutcache account and select the “Members” section on the left side of Nutcache's main menu.

Once inside the Members section, just click on the top drop-down list and select the “Teams” option.

From there, click on the “+” icon to create a new team:

After that, the team creation screen will pop-up, inviting you to name the new team, choose a color and an icon, define a team leader and select the members who will compose it. Obviously, you can add a description to better identify the purpose of this team - this is really helpful for new members to learn what each team do.

When you’re done setting up your team, you will have a complete view of the members who are part of it. You can click on a team member's card to open their detailed file - also a powerful tool for your HR department to update information and job descriptions, for example.

How to edit or delete a team

To edit or delete a team, just click on the More options menu (the three dots icon) to the right of the team name.

How to add a full team to a project

With Nutcache, you can create teams that are specific to an individual project. Also, the advantage of grouping members into a team is that it becomes very easy to add a group of members sharing similar skills to a project - in fact, one click is all it takes!

You can add a team to a project in two different ways:

1) When you’re creating a project

When creating a new project, it is possible to directly add a team to this project from the project settings:

1) From an existing project

You can add a team to an existing project from the project Members tab:

How to define the workload of a team

It is now possible to filter your workload management calendar so that you can see the tasks to be completed as well as the workload by team. In the Filter section, simply select the Members filter and then choose the desired team:

Enjoy the power to manage all your teams and members in one place and with just a few clicks. With the Team Management section, your work will be much easier. Start configuring them now!

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