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How to use the project Activity Log
How to use the project Activity Log
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We all know the importance of keeping track of everything that is happening in your organization: who did what, what was done, when it was done, etc. That's why the activity log is the perfect tool for you to stay on top of and up-to-date with any and all changes that happen within your Nutcache projects.

With it, you can track who changed task delivery dates, or status changes, and even budget changes, and these are just a few examples of information you can check in the activity log.

On this help page, we will show you all of the options and information available from the activity log feature, as well as keep track of everything.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is available to Pro and Enterprise members with the status of Project manager or higher.

Where can I find this feature?

The Activity log feature (2) can be found under the Projects module (1) from the left side menu.

What information can be found in the activity log?

The top of the screen provides actions such as the ability to filter, export, or refresh the contents of the Activity Log.

In addition, you will see five columns to show each activity recorded in this tool:

1) Time - shows how long ago the change happened.

2) Member - shows who performed the change.

3) Category - shows which project item was affected by the change (task, configuration, budget, settings, etc).

4) Subcategory - further details, within the category, where the adjustment happened (task status, configuration title, budget amount, etc).

5) Activity - this is, let’s say, the most important column: it shows the activity itself, whether it is an addition, a removal, or a modification.

NOTE - In the case of modifications, the Activity column will adopt a color scheme: red shows the previous information and blue the new information.

Change view, expand and collapse:

You can also expand the complete Task changes’ list by clicking the "get more detail" icon.

Inside that view, you can spot changes to tasks and projects. These changes sometimes involve large amounts of text. For that reason, the Activity section's content can be expanded or collapsed.

The same color scheme applies for these changes: what you see in blue is a new addition and what you see in red is the previous version of it.

There you go! Now you know how to use the Activity Log and always stay on top of everything that is happening in your organization.

Use this powerful tool to stay up to date and never miss any important changes in your projects and tasks.

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