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How to use milestones in your projects
How to use milestones in your projects
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On this help page, we will show you how to see the big picture of how your projects unfold by grouping tasks or task lists in milestones so that I can better track progress on achieving specific goals in my projects.

With Milestones you can monitor the development of project phases more easily, and all in one place.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is available to Enterprise members with the status of Manager or higher.

Where can I find this feature?

The feature can be found inside the Milestones tab (2) under the Projects module (1) from the left side menu.

Creating a Milestone

Once inside the Milestones tab, users with the profile of project manager or higher can create new Milestones by clicking on the + Milestone button.

A new popup will appear with the Name field, the color picker, the user responsible for the milestone, and a description field.

In the parameters, we have the following settings:

(1) Tracking Method: Choose whether you want to monitor by task lists (and all the tasks included in this list) or by individual tasks from multiple task lists.

(2) Tracked items: These items will be used to track progress based on completion.

(3) Deadline: Choose the deadline date for your Milestone to be completed.

(4) Visible to all members: This milestone will be visible to everyone who is assigned to this project. Only project managers and administrators will be able to make modifications.

(5) Visible to managers and administrators only: This milestone will only be visible to project managers and administrators assigned to this project.

When you have finished adding the parameters, click "Save".

NOTE: Keep an eye on the deadline assigned to your Milestone so that it does not overrun or meet previously set parameters.

Checking my milestones inside the project view

Once created, your milestones will display inside their respective tab in the project module, grouping tasks and showing the indicators for each one, as in the image below:

You can also add filters to make it easier to view your Milestones according to your needs:

There you go! Now you can use Milestones to monitor the progress of your projects and optimize the visualization of your employees so that everyone has a clear view of the goal to be accomplished. Never miss a step and celebrate every progress made!

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