Navigation through the application is simple and intuitive. All the main modules are grouped together in the left-side menu, and for each of these modules, the additional options (the sub-menus) are arranged horizontally on the right.

The grouping of certain parameters

As part of the navigation redesign, some tabs (settings and information) have been moved and grouped under a new Settings

icon. This includes the organization, project and customer settings.

The List view

The Projects module has a special feature: the List view. First of all, the new List view is expandable, i.e. using the open/collapse icon

you can close the list in order to benefit from all the space once your project has been selected. When opened, the List view allows you to see both all of your projects and the details of the selected project.

In order to locate a project more quickly, the List view also provides a search tool and allows you to filter projects according to their status.

You can also create a new project from the List view.

Adding members to your organization

Nutcache's simple and efficient navigation allows you to quickly invite and add new members to your organization without having to search through menus and sub-menus. Conveniently located in the left-side menu, the Add members option lets you invite new members no matter where you are in the application.

Managing your organizations

Access and management of your organizations, both those you own and those you are invited to, is centralized in a section at the bottom of the new navigation menu.

At a glance, you can easily identify the current organization and in a few clicks, switch to another organization.

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