Setting security profiles is a feature only available with the PRO and Enterprise versions of Nutcache. As the administrator or owner of your organization, you can set different security profiles for each of your members. Nutcache offers you two different ways to set member security profiles, either from the security profile screen or directly from the member screen.

From the Security profile screen

1- Log into your Nutcache account.

2- From the Organization menu, select the Security Profiles option.

3- Choose one of the system security profiles available and click on the Actions menu and select the Assign members option.

4- Select the member you want to assign to the Security profile and then click Apply.

The new security profile will display beside the member name.

From the Member screen

1- From the Organization menu, select the Members option.

2- Select the member to whom you want to assign a security profile.

3- Choose a profile from the 4 security profiles available. The security profiles available within Nutcache are the following:

  • Administrator

  • Project manager

  • Regular member

  • Guest


Administrators have full access rights to all Nutcache modules. They can manage the Nutcache account and subscription plan.

Project manager

Project managers have complete access to information of their assigned projects, but they can also create new projects and invite members on those projects. They can also create estimates and invoices and manage project boards.

Regular member

Regular members can log time entries and expenses linked to their own assigned projects. They can also collaborate and work with other teammates on project boards by adding cards, assigning members on tasks and managing labels.


Guests are users invited to follow the progress of specific project boards. They have read-only rights, but can comment and attach files to cards.

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