Notification settings

The Notification settings page is where you set your preferences for the notifications you want to receive. Each user can configure the type of notifications they want and by which communication channel (either by email or within the application) they want to received them.

To access the settings page, first click on the notifications icon located in the upper right corner of your application (1), then click again on the View all link (2) located at the bottom of the screen.

The notification settings screen can be accessed from the settings icon

in the upper left corner.

From this screen, you can specify the entities for which you want to receive notifications and through which communication channel.

Be notified when you get assigned to a project or when a budget is reached or altered.

Be notified when a task is assigned to you or when changes are made to your tasks. To track the activity of a task, simply click on the following icon

located in the task's icon bar.

Be notified when someone mentions you in task-related comments.

Be notified when invoices are sent, seen by the recipients or payments are made.

Timesheet approvals
Be notified when your time entries are approved/rejected.

Expense approvals
Be notified when your expenses are approved/rejected.

Notification channels

We currently support the following notification channels for the entities mentioned above:

The notification will be sent to the email address you use to log into your Nutcache account. If you are overwhelmed by email, you can disable email notifications and use Web (in-app) notifications only.

Web (in-app)
The notification will display in the notification popup accessible through the notification icon


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