Nutcache lets you send one invoice to your client with all your worked hours from multiple projects. This feature lets you create an invoice with any number of projects you want for the same client, and then you can choose to include worked hours and expenses for any selected period of time.

Firstly, you can generate an invoice for a client in two different ways:

1. From the project grid view
Search the client you wish to bill, click on the options menu and then select Invoice client:

2. From the list view

From the project list, select a project related to the client you want to invoice, click on the options menu and select Invoice client:

Then, the “Invoice client” selection screen will pop up. Select in this screen the information you wish to display on your invoice based on the invoice method you set initially.

(1) Invoicing date range: set a date range for which the worked hours and expenses included in that date range will be invoiced to the client. You can set your date range in three different ways:

  • Select a predefined period – By clicking on the calendar icon, select a predefined period from the drop down list (Today, This month, Last 7 days, Last month and Last 3 months).

  • Personalize your date range – from the drop-down list, you can select the Custom range option to set more precise start and end dates for invoicing the project.

  • Leave the field blank – By leaving the field blank, the system will take all the time entries and expenses from the beginning of the project’s existence that have not yet been invoiced to the client.

(2) Projects: Select the projects for which you want to invoice the client. You can also choose from the options “Select all” and “Clear selection”.

(3) Include time entries: Enable this option if you wish to include the worked hours in the invoice.

(4) Include expenses: Enable this option if you wish to include the expenses in the invoice.

(5) Invoice description display mode: If you did not set the project's invoice method as "fixed-fee", select from the drop down list one of the following invoice display modes:

Single line

All time entries are merged into one single detail line on the invoice, by project. The same goes for the expenses.

* When the project’s invoice method is set to "fixed-fee", a single line per project is displayed with the remaining billable amount.


Time entries are grouped based on the selected invoice method, and by project. For example, if you have selected the "Service rate" invoice method, the entries will be grouped by project, by service.

As for the expenses, the amounts are grouped by project.


Each time entry displays as a single detail line on the invoice. The same goes for expenses.

When you are done, click on the Create invoice button. You will then be able to complete the invoice created with your project hours and expenses.

For more information about using the invoice screen, you can consult the “Invoice” collection from the homepage of the Help Center.

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