The expense approval feature can be found under the Expenses module from the left hand menu and is only available to Enterprise users.

Except for guest users, all Nutcache members can use the expense feature to enter new expenses, but only members with the project manager security profile or team leader role (and, of course administrators) can approve them.

Approval by team or by project

Once all your team members have recorded their expenses into Nutcache, the next step is to approve them, or reject them.

1- Choose one of the two approval options: by project, or by team.

2- Select the project, or team, for which you want to approve expenses.

3- Set the appropriate expense status.

4- Define the appropriate date range. Click the right or left arrow (<,>) or click directly on the dates to move to the desired period faster.

Approving expenses

The expense approval screen lists all expenses for all members of a team or project. Once you reviewed the accuracy of the information displayed, you can perform the following actions:

Approve/reject an expense.

Modify an expense by clicking on the corresponding entry.

Open in another tab the project related to the expense by clicking directly on the project hyperlink.



An expense that has been submitted can be modified only if it has not been approved by the project manager or team leader. Once a timesheet has been approved, it is locked and therefore cannot be modified by the person who submitted it.


Expense tracking reports

The expense tracking functionality is supported by comprehensive reports, giving you better insights into how your team runs and how long projects take.

The reports can be found under the Reports module from the left hand menu:

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