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How to import Trello boards
How to import Trello boards
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You can easily move your Trello data into your Nutcache app in just a few clicks.

1 - Select the Import projects option from under the My account menu (top right) and click on Import within Trello.

2 - Grant access to Nutcache so you can import your Trello boards.

3 - Log in to your Trello account.

4 - Once you've linked your Trello account, select the boards you would like to migrate from the board list and click Next.

5 - At the next step, you will be prompted to match the Trello users with the Nutcache users. From this step, you can either:

  • Match a Trello user with a Nutcache user

  • Invite a Trello user to your organization by email, if no match is possible

  • Ignore a Trello user

Once you're done, click Next.

6 - The last step in the import process allows you to import Trello cards (tasks), attachments (files) and user comments. Make your selection and click Import.

You will receive an email when the import process is completed. The process may take up to a few minutes depending on the number of items to be imported.

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