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How to manage holidays
How to manage holidays
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A holiday group defines the set of statutory holidays. You can create a holiday group to manage different types of holidays in each location in which your company has employees.

Holiday management allows project managers to plan better as they can easily know which resources (employees) are available at which times.

Holiday management is available from under the Company menu:

Creating a holiday group

A holiday group is a set of statutory holidays shared by users in the same location. For example, you can create a holiday group Holidays - Canada, for all team members who share the same holidays during the year.

To create a holiday group, click on + Holiday group.

You will have to name this group and add a note if needed. By default, all members of your team are included in the holiday group. To add specific members, click on the toggle button, then on the Assign members link. You can then add the desired members.

You can create as many holiday groups as you want.

To edit or delete a holiday group, click on the More options (souvlaki icon) icon located to the right of the holiday group:

Adding holidays to the group

Once the holiday group has been created, you must add holidays to it. To do this, you have 2 options:

Either by adding holidays individually using the link + Holiday :

When creating the holiday, it is important to indicate the number of working hours allocated to this holiday.

You can also import a calendar including predefined holidays according to the selected country.

Once the holiday group has been complete and members have been assigned to it, the project manager will be able to better plan his resources since he will see directly who will be absent in the following days.

And for the members, no more forgotten or erroneous work hours, since the application will automatically add the holidays in the timesheet of each member.

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