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How to use the workload management calendar
How to use the workload management calendar
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Where to find it

The workload management feature is accessible from the main menu on the left side of your screen.

Who can use this feature?

Members with project manager, administrator and account owner status can use the workload management calendar tool.


The workload management calendar enables you to properly manage the workloads of your team members, prioritise tasks based on their abilities, and plan the distribution of work.

The Workload management calendar consists of two main sections.

The calendar section (1) is on the left, and the pending tasks (2) are on the right, which are the tasks you can assign to members on the workload calendar.

The workload

The calendar section allows you to view the amount of work assigned during a given period on a daily or weekly basis, i.e. the number of hours worked to date for a week and the number of hours available for each member per weekday.

This enables you to easily identify who is overloaded and shift work to those who aren't.

Assigned projects

The calendar section allows you to see at a glance which projects each member is working on.

The available hours progress bar is coloured differently depending on the level of hours available:

In blue when less than 80% of available hours are used:

In orange when more than 80% of the available hours are used:

In red when 100% of the available hours are consumed:

Customizing the hour distribution

You can also distribute the estimated amount of hours each assignee will need to work on each task inside the workload. Customize different estimated time across multiple days simply by clicking on the task and typing inside each day’s box the hours that employee must spend on the job.

The "Tasks" section

The "Tasks" section divides all of the tasks to be completed by project into two sections:

  • Tasks to schedule

  • Tasks to assign

Tasks to be scheduled

As the name suggests, tasks to be scheduled are those for which no due date has been defined.

Tasks to be assigned

The tasks to be assigned are those that have not yet been assigned to a member.

Search tasks

A search field allows you to search for a task either in the unscheduled tasks or in the unassigned tasks.

How to create a workload management calendar?

Using the filters

By default, all active members in your organization are listed in the calendar portion. However, using filters allows you to modify the view to filter by project, member, team or project manager.

Displaying weekends

You can choose whether or not to display weekends based on the default work days you've set in your organization's settings.

1 or 2-week view option

Another feature to help you have an idea of the big picture is to change your calendar view between 1 or 2 weeks, which helps to better schedule and organize your team’s work in a larger period of time.

Vacation, leaves and holidays

Obviously, when posting your members' availability, the workload management calendar takes into account their vacations, leaves, and holidays.

Building the workload calendar

To create the workload calendar, simply drag a task from the right portion to the calendar on the left and drop it in the appropriate box for each member.

Once the task has been added to the calendar, the start and end dates can be changed by simply stretching each end of the task.

When tasks span multiple days, the estimated time will be divided by the number of days. A task with an estimated time of 8 hours that is spread over two work days, for example, will result in a workload of 4 hours per day.

It is also possible to reschedule a task, assign it to another member, or return it to the unassigned tasks section.

You can also open a task by clicking on it once and then on the open icon:

Create a task

Don’t want to organize your workload calendar using tasks from the right panel? You can add a new one directly from the workload calendar! Here’s how: hover to the day you want that task to start and just click on the small blue bar to add it. Once you’ve given it a name and setup the location, you’re task is created:

To see the tasks assigned each member, just click on the arrow next to their names to expand the list:



Even if no estimated time is entered for a task that has a member assigned to it and a due date, it will display in the workload calendar. To add an estimated time to a task, simply open it from the calendar.


Once all of the tasks to be completed have been assigned to your team members, it is simple to see your team's workload at a glance and adjust based on who is busy and who is not.

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