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How to create or customize a workspace
How to create or customize a workspace
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Want the power to view your work anyway you want? Nutcache Workspace is a tool that offers more flexibility and choices for your organization.

Project managers can customize their workspace view by applying new filters; their tasks (or their team members' tasks) can be displayed based on priority and assignee in addition to project and due date. An amazing user interface that is more intuitive and speeds up the workflow complements this feature.

Who can use this feature?

Members with the status of administrator or higher can manage the different workspaces. Project managers can only manage workspaces containing projects to which they are assigned, and regular members can use their own only.

How to create and customize your workspace

Once you are logged into your Nutcache account, go to the workspace section (1), and then select the "My Workspace" tab from the top menu (2).

The Nutcache workspace view displays by default. To add a new view, click the Workspace drop-down list from the upper left corner and select the + New workspace option.

A popup window will appear, allowing you to give a name to your new workspace.

Once you have created your new Workspace, it will be displayed in default mode and will group the projects you are in - showing the tasks for each of them.

You can now start using the Workspace tools to customize your view. You will find these tools in the top right corner of your Workspace:

1. Show/hide Subtasks - use the switch to expand or collapse the subtasks inside your tasks.

2. Filters - choose between projects, due date, member and priority to organize your workspace.

3. Group by - Within a workspace, you can even group tasks by client, due date and project, which is quite helpful for visualizing workload volumes and priorities.

4. Display - In addition, by adding or removing the available columns, you can further customize the task information that is displayed in the task list.

These settings will give you different ways of viewing the work to be done, and you can create as many workspaces as you like - just toggle between them from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: When working with Teams, you will find that you can also choose between the Workspaces of each team in your organization.

No more restricted vision: you can now design your own personalized Workspace by applying filters that best fit your needs. Don't miss anything vital and stay up to date on the work of your entire team!

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