In many organizations, taxes are imposed on the price of some products and services in order to comply with local rules and regulations. They can be charged as a percentage of the total price and collected at the time of the invoicing and the tax may vary according to a lot of different factors such as the State, City, and Country your business may operate in, and multiple or different taxes can be charged at the same time.

Using Nutcache, you are able to create as many different types of taxes you may need and apply them according to your pipeline of work directly to your invoices.

How to access this feature?

You can create and edit new taxes from the Company module located on the application left side menu.

Who can use this feature?

Members with the status of Project manager or higher can manage taxes.

How to create a new tax?

Go to the Company module (1), select the Taxes (2) tab on the top menu and then click on + Tax (3):

A popup will appear with empty fields for important information regarding the new tax you’re creating.

To create a new sales tax:

  1. Enter a name for this tax group.

  2. Then click inside the Tax Name field and enter a Tax Name.

  3. Click inside the Registration Number / Tax ID field and enter the sales tax number.

  4. Click inside the Rate field and enter the percentage of the sales tax.

  5. If needed, set up the tax as a compound tax by selecting the compound checkbox.

Once you’re done filling up the fields, you can Save

How to edit or delete an existing tax?

Still from the Taxes tab on the top menu inside the Company section, hover over the souvlaki menu on the right side of any of your existing taxes and select the Delete or the Edit button.

Editing a tax group is very similar to creating one, except that you cannot create a new Tax line, neither remove an existing one or even configure the compound setup.

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