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How to manage roles in Nutcache
How to manage roles in Nutcache
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Roles allow you to transfer your members’ titles into Nutcache and use them for effort planning and allocation. Create custom roles specific to your company, such as "designer", “architects” or "developer," and assign them to members in your account to make future project planning easier.

Why use roles?

The purpose of roles is to help you in planning and staffing new projects as well as efficiently allocating work among employees.

Use roles:

  • To efficiently organise your new projects and ensure that you have sufficient resources to complete them successfully.

  • To group your employees based on their skills

What’s the difference between roles and teams?

Conceptually teams can consist of members with different roles.


Unlike teams, members cannot be part of 2 different roles at the same time.

How to create a role

Roles are created and managed in a few simple steps from the left-side menu of the application under the Members menu.

1. From the Members drawer, select the Roles option from the drop-down menu and click the + icon to open the Role screen:

2. Enter a name and a description for the role, e.g., "Architects" or “Designers”.

3. Choose the icon and color to easily distinguish one role from another.

4. Select the members that will be part of the role.

5. Click Save.

How to use roles in a project

The member assignment step takes place during the project creation process. With the Roles feature, you can now assign a group of members with similar profiles to a project by simply selecting a role from the drop-down list.

How to edit, delete or activate/deactivate a role

To edit, delete or activate/deactivate a role, just click on the More options menu (the three dots icon) to the right of the role name.

When you try to delete a role, a security popup will appear. If there are members assigned to that role, you will need to unassign them from the role first, and also you will need to confirm the deletion of the role.

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