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How to manage leaves
How to manage leaves
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Just like holiday management, leave management allows project managers to plan better because they can easily know which resources (employees) are available and at what times.

Leave management is available from under the Company menu:

Creating a leave of absence

There are several types of leave depending on the regulations and labor standards in your country. Here are some examples of the most common types of leave:

  • Maternity and parental leave

  • Personal leave

  • Bereavement leave

  • Medical leave

To create a new leave, click on the + Leave at the top left of the screen.

You will need to name this leave, add the number of hours assigned to this leave, and add a note if needed. By default, all members of your team have access to this leave. To add specific members, click on the toggle button, then on the Assign members link. You can then add the desired members.

You can create as many leaves as you want.

To modify or delete a leave, click on the More options icon (souvlaki icon) located on the far right of the grid:

How to use leaves in a timesheet

Once your leave is created, it will become available when logging a new time entry. After displaying the screen for adding a time entry, click on the Time off tab. You will be asked to select the type of leave, set its date and duration.

The right hand portion of the screen will inform you of the hour balance of the leave.

Once the creation of leaves and the assignment to your members is completed,, the project manager will be able to better plan his resources since he will see directly who will be absent in the following days.

And for the members, no more forgotten or erroneous work hours, since the application will automatically add the leaves of absence in the timesheet of each member.

Managing leaves by member

To find out which leave your members are entitled to, go to the file of each member -- from the Organization menu -- then click on the Leaves tab.

You will see a list of all the leaves to which the member is entitled. Then, if you want to find out how many hours each member spent on each leave, simply click on the appropriate row.

It is also possible to modify the leave time off by clicking again on the grid.

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