1 - You can start creating your project in two ways:

(1) From the Workspace menu under the Quick access tab, click on + Project button.

(2) Click on the creation button and click on Project.

2 - Fill in the fields in the project dialog and click on the Save button when you are done. The required fields have an asterisk (*) next to them.

(1) Project name: Add the project name here, this is what you'll see whenever the project is mentioned anywhere in the app.

(2) Client: You can assign a client to your project or keep that field blank for an internal project.

(3) Template: The 6 project templates come with predefined settings, workflow and labels.

(4) Assign members: You can start assigning members to your project.

(5) Start date and End date: You can determine the planned start date and due date of your entire project.

(6) Status: Define your project’s status as “Planned” or “In progress”.

(7) Project responsible: Select the person responsible for the project.

(8) Description: You can add a description for your project.

(9) Vision: You can write your vision statement for your project.

(10) Settings tab: the settings tab enables you to set your project parameters.

Now that you have created your project, you can start planning and managing it. To do so, you can check out these following procedures:

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